Pete Busch, PGA


Pete Busch’s philosophy is to use the golf club along with your body in a simplistic and efficient manner. This will help golfers of all skill levels achieve the most out of their game. He is proficient in all areas of the short game, including specializing in the “art of putting” and is considered one of the finest putters in the area. In addition to Pete’s position as Head Golf Professional, he is also the lead club fitter at the New TaylorMade Performance Lab at Galloping Hill. He uses the V1 video teaching system for all his lessons along with a video analysis sent to each student. He also offers flight scope technology for club fitting.

Pete Busch has been a certified PGA member for over 35 years and has served as a past board member of the NJ section. Pete was born and raised in the Union County, NJ. He was the Head Professional for 10 years at Maplewood Country Club before taking over at Shackamaxon County Club, where he was the Director of Golf Operations for over 20 years. Pete has an extensive playing career highlighted in 2001 when he earned NJ Senior Player of the Year honors and in 2009 when he won the NJ Senior Open Championship. Pete has consistently placed in the top 20 in NJ Section events and uses his playing experience to help teach his students.   Whether you are a beginner or accomplished player looking to fine tune your game, Pete Busch and his teaching philosophy can help you achieve the next level.

You can reach out to Pete at