Every person has their own swing. By evaluating a student’s goals, physical abilities, equipment and starting point, we can develop a plan to help them produce the swing that will provide the most consistent power, shot patterns and results. 

Playing golf is all about problem solving. My mission is to 
•    Aid the student in setting realistic and obtainable goals.
•    Provide each student with a set of principles that will guide them when things begin to go off track (core knowledge)
•    Help the student simplify the task of learning how to swing a golf club and play golf
•    Instill enthusiasm with learning through self-awareness and experimentation
•    Create excitement in the ability to solve each shot’s own specific challenge(s)

By understanding the movements that produce YOUR best results and then utilizing proper practice techniques, all students can create and maintain long term success.

Biography - Member of PGA of America for 15 years. Worked at several private country clubs. Provided golf instruction to players of all skill levels. I am a TPI certified Fitness professional, certified Personal Trainer, certified club fitter with Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade and Ping. I am familiar with and utilize many forms of technology (Trackman, Blast Motion, AimPoint Express, Hudl Technique video, Swingbyte, etc.).

You can reach Scott at SBarnaby@kempersports.com.